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Who/What is The Strategic Connector™

John Rippinger IS, quite simply, The Strategic Connector™. Through a lifelong journey of personal discovery, learning through trial and error, and savoring the successes achieved through the founding and growth of seven companies; John has mastered the skills, disciplines and nuances of leadership and has amassed a network of personal and business relationships.

John’s experiences, both personal and business, have enabled him to develop the tenancity, determination and commitment to grow a company into something truly extraordinary. The Strategic Connector™ is John’s vision to share what he has learned with others. His ability to take a set of goals and formulate a plan to reach success through connecting people and ideas uniquely positioned for a particular outcome can be beneficial to anyone.

Whether seeking a desired future, or a solution to a problematic roadblock, The Strategic Connector™ is your source. We can help you solidify your strategy and, if needed, can connect you to the right people to help you make your goals a reality.

John can be reached at 847-598-0001 or